1. How do I enrol my child?

Drop us an email to advise which class you are interested in bringing your child to. You will receive a response within 24 hours inviting you to attend a trial class (places permitting). You should arrive ten minutes early to complete an enrolment form or help us to save time by downloading the enrolment form here which you can complete and bring along to class with you.

2. How much do classes cost?

1 hour classes are priced at £6.00 per class and 1.5 hour classes are priced at £7.50 per class. 0.5 hour small-group singing tuition is priced at £7.00 per session.

Pupils who do more than one class will receive a ‘double-class discount’. A ‘sibling rate discount’ is also available. Discounts are equivalent to one free class per block. Only one discount package per family will be applied. Livewire Theatre Co will apply the best offer.

3. Will my child perform on stage?

Your child will be invited to participate in numerous performances such as a local festival performance, a small-scale Christmas production and a full-scale summer showcase at The Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock.

4. How many children are there in each class?

We have a maximum of twenty children in each class. We ensure that there are adequate assistants in place for 3-8 year’s classes with a ratio of 1 adult to every 8 children. 9+ years classes have a ratio of 1 adult to 10 children.

5. Are staff qualified and disclosure checked?

All of our staff are qualified, highly experienced and hold a valid PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme) certificate. If you require further information on who will be working with your child, please do not hesitate to contact us.

6. How will my child benefit from attending classes?

All of our classes are aimed to increase confidence, self-assurance and creative expression which we believe are vital skills in tackling some of the challenges that children are faced with in every-day life.  Children will acquire the outlined skills through the medium of drama and musical theatre activities and processes and we guarantee that you will notice your child applying these to aid their self-development in varying contexts from school work to socialising.  Ultimately, your child will develop strengths in all aspects of theatre performance and street dance technique and will meet lots of new friends!

7. What makes Livewire Theatre Company different from other theatre schools?

Established in 2006, Livewire Theatre Co is a high quality youth theatre which inspires and nurtures children to develop their interest and/or skills in drama, musical theatre and street dance. We cater for each individuals needs and enable pupils to develop and reach their maximum potential.

Our classes are exceptionally well organised and are led and assisted by highly experienced staff consisting of a Performing Arts College Lecturer of ten years, qualified professional actors, professional theatre directors and former Livewire pupils of several years. The team are very much involved in the wider arts culture, are experienced and passionate in working with children and all have strong links to the industry.

We promote a fun, vibrant and positive learning environment where friends are made and talent is born!

(We do shows! There are no exams!)