Pupils are encouraged to develop confidence, self-assurance, creative expression and performance technique in a highly dynamic, structured and supportive setting.

Pupils will participate in drama games which aim to build confidence, trust, communication skills and team work. The main aspect of the lesson will be geared towards preparing for theatre performances, including our annual summer showcase at the Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock – the highlight of our year! Lessons entail a wide range of theatre processes such as improvisation, character building, devising scenes, rehearsing scripts and learning and rehearsing songs and dance routines.

All of the above aim to equip pupils with fundamental theatre performance skills such as acting techniques, effective physicality, vocal projection and diction, effective onstage relationships, spatial awareness and audience relationship. Pupils will be given continual support to assist in the honing of their skills and will be encouraged to offer peer constructive criticism to improve and expand upon their own ideas and skills.