Don’t count your lines… make your lines count!

When receiving a new script, sometimes we can be tempted to count the number of lines that we have. However, at Livewire Theatre Company we believe in NOT counting our lines but making our lines COUNT. Every time we appear on stage, we should be acting, listening and reacting – always contributing to the telling of the story… even when we are not speaking (I.E. delivering LINES). Remember, that the smallest roles can often be the most interesting and engaging. It’s what we, as performers, do with our characters that counts. 

On the other hand, we can sometimes have LOTS of lines to learn and this can be quite worrying. 

“How am I going to remember all of these lines….?”, we hear you say! Well, don’t worry… we’ve got you! You can do this!

There are lots of useful ways to learn lines and everyone will choose a way that works for them. It’s important to learn lines and get rid of the script as quickly as possible to be able to absorb your stage directions effectively, have spatial and audience awareness, develop your character and work with your props (without your eyes being glued to the script)! 

Check out some of the line-learning tips below and don’t forget to share with you fellow thespians!

Performers gain SO much more from rehearsals when they aren’t reading from the page and this inevitably leads to increased confidence and better performances all round!

Let us know how you get on! Good luck!