Issue Based Drama Workshops

In a world where young people are faced with greater every-day pressures and challenges than ever before, we believe that Drama is a powerful tool to raise awareness of key issues and create positive change.

Our issue-based drama workshops act as a creative platform that encourage young people to explore issues in a fun, safe and supportive environment with the aim to determine a positive outcome. Examples of themes range from social media safety to raising awareness and eradicating stigma surrounding ill mental health. However, there is no issue too great or too small.

Workshops will consist of specially tailored drama games, group discussions, role play activities with relevant props and resources, forum-theatre techniques and a final presentation or performance. Livewire Theatre Co will provide pre and post-workshop evaluation sheets for pupils which will allow teaching staff to gauge pupils’ development in their understanding and views surrounding the issue. We will also provide recommended follow-up activities for the class teacher to subsequently carry out with pupils.

Please complete the attached Workshop Form to provide us with some information and retrieve quote. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.