A fun way for pupils to keep fit and healthy whilst learning cool, new dance routines to their favourite music tracks. Classes combine commercial street dance and basic hip-hop moves as similar to those seen in popular music video’s

Pupils will participate in a safe, fun and energetic warm-up followed by learning dynamic dance routines which aim to develop fitness, timing, coordination, rhythm, flexibility and spatial awareness. Pupils will also be taught how to pick up choreography and work effectively as part of a team.

Pupils will learn several dance routines throughout the year and will be invited to showcase them at various performances, including our annual Street Dance Showcase & Awards Ceremony.

Although pupils’ progress is closely monitored and each pupil is challenged and supported to continually improve their strengths, classes are purely tailored for the enjoyability factor! We do not conduct dance exams.

We guarantee that you will see the rewards in your child’s growing confidence and their new-found ability to spontaneously showcase their street dance moves. The Livewire Teaching Team always welcome your feedback and pupil success stories!