Theatre Production Workshops & Production Residencies

Every school wants to put on a show-stopping performance that will impress and entertain pupils’ friends and families at the end of term and of course to ensure that pupils receive the exciting theatrical experience they deserve.


However not every child is receptive to dressing up and learning lines, let alone projecting them from a stage in front of their peers, teachers and a large audience. Also, not every teacher is able to produce the show that they envisaged when reading the script for the first time and planning the performance. And, quite frankly, we understand the workload and time constraints that school staff are up against nearing Christmas and Summer holidays. Livewire Theatre Co is here to help! We offer workshops which will provide children with lots of quick, simple and effective exercises and tips to aid their confidence, characterisation, vocal delivery, physicality and stage presence.


Production Residencies

Rather than a one-off workshop to assist pupils with their performance technique, your school may wish to consider a series of consecutive weekly sessions which allow Livewire Theatre Co to direct all aspects of your performance.  We recommend however, that intermittent rehearsals are conducted by the school in between Livewire Theatre Co rehearsals to ensure that pupils benefit fully from our sessions. Our production residencies are designed to take pupils through a series of workshop activities which will increase their understanding of the play/pantomime, characters and relationships combined with how to develop their performance skills and stage etiquette. We will equip the children with the tools they require to enable them to reach their full potential throughout the rehearsal process and ensure that they put on an enjoyable and unforgettable performance.


Please complete the attached Workshop Form to provide us with some information and retrieve quote.  Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.